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You and Your Beautiful Mind

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Pause for a moment… what are you doing in your mind right now? Are you thinking about the morning? What the day entails? Are you calm, cool and collected or are you worrying about something that might “go wrong?” Are you having thoughts about your body, your family, your friends, or maybe even what’s for lunch or dinner, the drink you’ll have or the shows you’ll watch later? Are you someone who can’t get to sleep immediately because your thoughts keep going?

Every day, we have lots and lots of thoughts! In fact, a new study suggests we have an average of 6,200 thoughts per day. We often get lost in thoughts and don’t even realize the ones we’re having don’t feel so good or are taking us in a direction we wouldn’t like to go.

Our brains are wired to keep us safe, and for each of us, that means something different. We each have records of “safe and not safe,” based on what we experienced and learned growing up. For instance, for one person, speaking in public might feel “not safe” due to being laughed at in school and yet for others, public speaking might not only be safe, but a way to get validated because they got treats and applause every time they recited poems at home. Those people would love public speaking! The ways we interpret life are based on these records; our brain accesses them in a split second when assessing situations, people, etc. and uses them to respond, just like a computer does.

Most of our thoughts are repetitive thoughts, ways of thinking we picked up when we were young, and yet, it feels natural to us, so we keep on thinking the same way, often to our own detriment. Many don’t realize and haven’t been taught that our perceptions aren’t always accurate and we can actually find those “dreary outlooks” and replace them with “rose colored” ones! We have control over what happens in our mind and we can use it to help shape what happens in our lives! And that’s where Beautiful Mind Coaching comes into play.

Many of our programs are outdated; they were primarily “installed” through a child’s mind! These are the unhelpful thoughts, the worry, the fears, the coping skills we use to avoid doing things we deem unsafe and from feeling the way we don’t want to feel. For example, someone who had an absent parent might have an unworthy or unwanted program because they decided that’s what it meant about themselves. Our minds are metaphoric minds, meaning something represents something else, so that lack of a parent can then be translated into lack of support and it might even show up physically as a back problem, a lack of funds, no relationships, etc. And the things that tend to hold the most importance and control in our minds are the things that had the highest emotional charges to them… Typically the hurts, traumas, fears, sorrows, uncomfortable sensations and memories that go along with them! Hence, when we have a session and update your mind programs, we can gain improvements in many areas of life! We find the links between the metaphoric expressions of these things, let them go, update the limiting beliefs, memories and meanings that go along with them to make them something you choose that you do want. This is so exciting! AND… it’s relatively fast!

Deep down, we are all beautiful beings full of potential. We live on a beautiful planet with plenty of opportunity- but when we feel stuck in the mud, all of that is hard to see, appreciate and access. You can regain your life of joy and be able to live in the moment! Healing and happiness are possible! Please reach out and let me know how I can help you to clean up the past, the limiting beliefs, the stuck areas so you can create a life you love!

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