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I Am Beautiful Mind Intro - $250  1.5 – 2 hr sessions

Learn about the process we use and receive & Basic "How To's" for at home use

*How the mind works  *How & why we have problems  *How to go from problems to possibilities

We'll begin addressing your situation during our session - APPROX 2 HOURS

I Am Beautiful Mind Uncovering (+ 1's)

Continue learning how the mind works, making changes, and the processes you can use, experiencing some emotional resilience -  includes a Session Summary & some at-home practices  - APPROX 2 HOURS


Packages Below Are Offered At A Discount - PLEASE CONTACT DIRECTLY TO SCHEDULE OR FOR MORE INFO  *Full payment due prior to 1st session

I Am Beautiful Mind Aware  6 Sessions 1.5 - 2 hours ea

Real change comes with finding the ways your brain uses whats recorded there to get current day situations. We've practiced our patterns and thinking styles all of our lives, so when you have at least 6 sessions, we can begin to uncover how it is your brain creates from the resources your subconscious mind holds, and then clean them up so you truly think and feel differently about things. This package includes session summaries, homework, practices, & email support in between sessions, so we can pinpoint and then clear those neural pathways & limiting beliefs that are creating your challenges. You'll also learn the basics of how to heal past hurts, trauma, triggers, and the core of current day patterns, limiting beliefs and unhealthy thinking systems for yourself. We'll continue making changes during sessions so it will be easier to think and behave differently, make better choices and feel happier.

I Am Beautiful Mind Releasing  8 Sessions, 1.5 - 2 hours each

Most of our problems have links to other things... After each session, you'll have additional homework and practices, receive insights into how you think and what you'd like to change, gain a clear vision of where you're headed... cleaning up the hurts, wounds and memories from the past continues during each session. As we free up energy that went to keeping us safe, we have more energy to put towards our dreams, goals and desires. We continue to feel better, think brighter and lighter. With practices, we establish new, more beneficial neural pathways that become instructions for our desired way of living, feeling and engaging with life.

I Am Beautiful Mind Reimprinting 12 Sessions, 1.5 - 2 hours ea

After 24 sessions of inner transformation, homework, daily practices, email support and positive reinforcements, you'll have a clear understanding of how the brain works, what your "programs" were and if any are left unchanged by this point, how to address them, how to shift any situation, how to truly be free from the pain, trauma, wounds, hurtful, limiting memories and beliefs from the past, how to really feel and process any emotion so you can create peace and happiness wherever you go. You'll truly feel as if you have a Beautiful Mind and that "Life Is Beautiful!" You'll be able to share the basics with friends and family and make a positive impact on all those in which you come into contact.

I Am Beautiful Mind Creating  18 Sessions, 1.5- 2 hours ea

Learn to live more in the moment, how to move through and change situations fast, how to create more of what you want and work more closely with mastery.

I Am!  36 Sessions, 1.5 - 2hrs ea

Gain a beautiful mindset and know yourself as, "I Am."

Become truly self-empowered, the master of your life, your mind, your creating. Know yourself as Divine. By now, the major programs that were accumulated in your life have been cleared. You know how to master your emotions, shift your energy, change situations, and manifest. You're feeling better than you have in a very long time and experiencing the results from your inner mindset changes.

Teen Sessions 13-17

1.5 - 2 hours

Children Sessions (5-12)

1 to 1.5 hours Inquire about packages

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