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The Beautiful Mind Coach
A Beautiful Mind Creates a Beautiful Life

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Hello & Welcome!

My name is Lynn, and I help people transform the inner world of triggers, patterns, hurts, trauma, anxiety, pain, grief, fear and unhappiness by addressing the records held in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind holds the instructions, the conditioning, the perceptions & beliefs we have about ourselves, our relationships, our capabilities and our lives based on our unique experiences and meanings we have assigned them. When we improve what's on the inside, our lives improve too..

The subconscious acts on autopilot, running our bodies & lives beneath our awareness. Through Beautiful Mind Sessions, I help people better understand themselves & others by cleaning up the “blocks in the road,” & then shining a light on their greatest strengths and the valuable perspectives they bring to the world. We rewire, update and direct your subconscious mind while you learn skills to do this for yourself. I help you grow your beautiful mind so you can live an intentional, fulfilling, empowered & beautiful life – one aligned with your values and desires, and… since this process uses the latest in neuroplasticity and brain science, changes happen fast. 😊




While I'm a life and subconscious mind coach with training from an ICF-accreditted and very highly respected coaching school, the sessions I offer go beyond the traditional style of coaching by using processes I learned in subsequent training. Sessions include knowledge & techniques that offer fast changes & brain rewiring so you'll have a lifeline to handle anything on your path (past, present or future). You'll experience tools that can process all emotions & create quick changes to problems, so you're truly able to love your life! Ask yourself these questions and if you're ready... I'm happy to help you get free and create more opportunities for yourself.

  •      Are you feeling anger, anxiety, sadness, frustration, stressed, or worried?

  •      Are you experiencing unwanted patterns or situations?

  •      Are you challenged or stuck in certain areas of your life?

  •      Are you lacking in self love, connection or enthusiasm?

  •      Are any of your relationships challenging?

  •      Do you have repeating negative thoughts?

  •      Do you have persistent emotions or triggers you'd like to clear?

  •      Do you have memories that are painful to think about?

  •      Do you have limiting beliefs… about yourself, life, others?  


  Many have been amazed at the changes we've achieved in even the 1st session...

  And when we work on one area, because the subconscious mind uses our stored

  data in many areas, improvements in other areas of life often occur too.


By using knowledge & techniques based on the latest neuroscience, I offer you a lifeline for handling anything on your path (past, present or future). You'll gain the tools to process all of your problems & emotions, so you'll be more energized & truly able to love your self and love your life!

Want to learn more? Contact me today!

My passion is to create transformation by helping others live happier lives;

I'm happy to talk & answer any questions with no obligation!

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One of the most beneficial choices we can ever commit to is to do the inner healing work. When our own personal growth & well-being improves, when we are happy and thriving, we can be of greater benefit to our loved ones and the world around us.

      My clients are ready ...

  • To address those challenging emotions & memories once & for all

  • To have more peace, self love, ease & energy

  • For an improved mindset with more clarity

  • To change those issues, patterns and triggers keeping them stuck

  • To go beyond the symptoms & clean up the real root of their problems

  • To learn to process all emotions and calmly handle anything

  • For a more beautiful & fulfilling life

  • For better relationships

  • To feel healthier and happier

  • To sleep great and wake up energized


If you're ready to live your best life, BEST Sessions can help make that possible! Clients have said the process is so fast and transformative, it's like magic; the reactions and blocks they've had for years are "just gone!" It's not magic, but it does seem like it!

Contact me today if you'd like to learn more...

I'm happy to talk about what's going on for you. I'll answer any questions you might have about this process and the skills you'll learn yourself, as well as see if this is a good fit for helping you find and create resolutions and gain a more beautiful life. There is no obligation- this call is complimentary.

Schedule a Session or a Complimentary
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If you're ready to create a more beautiful mind,
contact me to schedule a session or to learn more.

Orlando, FL

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