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I receive many testimonials like these:

"My sessions with Lynn made huge changes in my life.  We were able to address issues buried in my sub-conscious mind.  Her techniques made it easy to uncover these issues and resolve them.  Even though dealing with buried issues can be scary or uncomfortable, Lynn has a compassion that makes it easy to share and work through them.  One benefit I noticed right off was that reoccurring memories and dreams have stopped, and new, positive memories have replaced them.  Also, I saw how as we changed one area, there were ripple effects in other areas that we did not even address.  Lynn is a true blessing." ~ C. Bowen

This Mother’s Day was the first Mother’s Day in 32 years that I could actually say I enjoyed thoroughly. 32 years ago, my mother died on Mother’s Day. I had felt a lot of grief and guilt about it all these years, feeling like if I had only done something differently that Mom might not have died. Every year since then, prior to Mother’s Day, I would have this feeling of dread and all these emotions would come up about it. No matter what my family did for me to make me feel special on this day, I always had this fear and hatred for the holiday. Not only did I make myself feel horrible but my family also. Then I started working with Lynn and we we changed my perception of the day and took the charge out of the emotions surrounding Mother’s Day and my Mom’s sudden death. I realized my guilt about it all was just a story I was making up. I knew my Mom’s death was not my fault and could stop beating myself up for it. Lynn’s methods of memory reconsolidation, tapping and her intuitive talents finally put a stop to the unending movie reel in my brain that kept looping around and re-enacting that day. Finally I was free of all that distortion and free to enjoy Mother’s Day! Thank you , Lynn!

I am not really getting triggered anymore! I started using your homework assignments for things that I think about and want to change. After my first few sessions, one morning I had such a wonderful feeling inside of me that was just peace and feeling wonderful, I have been having it every morning. It is so incredible. I really do have an incredible life. Thank you for helping me get out of my own way so that I can enjoy it. ~ Sandy


I had to email to say THANK YOU!! You advised, after our session, to relax and rest.  So, I went to my happy place, the pool, and what pops up on Youtube but Neville Goddard, in his own voice, and he says this: "Man and his past are one continuous structure.  The past still exists. And it gives and still gives its results. Man must go back  in memory, seek for and destroy the causes of misalignment, however far back they lie. This going into the past and create what I call revision. Changing our lives means changing the past.  Alteration of content will result in an alteration in the present and the future."  Mind blown cuz' we did that today!! The universe brought me this truth again, to reinforce this path for me.  And I bring his words to you so that you may high-five yourself. :)  The universe is amazing and so are you.  ~ Chris

I have been working with Coach Lynn for a number of years now (on and off). One of Coach Lynn’s greatest gifts is her listening skills in that she easily gets to the core of issues with great efficiency. As all of us come with our own baggage from childhood, I continue to entrust my deepest wounds with Coach Lynn, and I have learned a great deal about my experiences with a greater perspective and healing. I’ve been super excited about the emotional shackles that have been cleared as of late, and I owe it all to Lynn who continues to invest in her own skillsets to be a greater healing practitioner that has benefited my life substantially. My most recent interaction session helped me to finally resolve some of my deep seated wounds and addictions that I've now healed. I can’t thank Coach Lynn enough for her professional consultation, her presence and evolving techniques that  helped me in owning more of my light. Thank you! D. Butterfield

I'm so excited I just have to tell you. I have remembered 2 dreams since our meeting. That is so awesome. I can't even remember how long it's been since I remembered any little bit of a dream, let alone so much of these 2 dreams. ~ SR


“I was skeptical about going to Lynn – I hear about others going to therapy & mind coaches who don’t seem to get much benefit. After having sessions with Lynn and then using what she teaches, I feel a sense of peace, presence, and overall joy on a daily basis. I have gained so much confidence & happiness in myself in just a few sessions and enjoy looking forward to each one! Working with Lynn will absolutely change your mind and your life! I can't begin to tell you what these sessions have done for me. ~ AB

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