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  • Lynn Schaeffer

Holidays and Your Beautiful Mind

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Hi friends! How fast our official holiday season has arrived this year... It's Thanksgiving week in the States, and our focus during this time of year often turns to celebration, gatherings, and yes, sometimes increased activities and opportunities for stress and triggers to arise. With holidays, we often have certain ideas of how things "should be," and yet, there truly is no "should be!" Each situation and way things show up for us, including holidays, are perfect for our unique and beautiful ways to learn to love ourselves and others even more… expansion comes in a variety of ways!

I hope you'll remember to bring Tapping to your festivities (and other pattern interruptions) to calm the nervous system. Also, remember you have the tools to process all uncomfortable emotions and shift your mindset using your happy anchor and happy place. When we can view triggers as treasures (opportunities to find and clear what's inside that treasure box), we can stay out of judgment (of others AND ourselves), and realize we're just being presented with gifts of more insight. This time of year is a perfect time to write down what comes up – the feelings, thoughts, sensations, beliefs, etc,, and bring that information to sessions and/or practice clearing them on your own.

Something that can help you in a pinch is to get a tune in your mind, prior to any function - something upbeat and positive. This can be a holiday tune or any other song (or even a snippet of a song) that brings good feelings to your body and have it at the ready to hum (which takes your focus off the thing that triggered you.) An Example: Comfort & Joy - "Oh tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy, oh, tidings of comfort and joy." Try humming it in different accents in your mind (making you laugh). Basically, have things at the ready to break the trance of the trigger.

Another tip to break any trance is to look around and find 3 things you appreciate… then give thanks for them as if you’ve just seen them for the first time. Really FEEL that appreciation and awe in your body. Say something unique like, “Gracias, Glory Be, Hallelujah,” silently in your mind or even better yet, out loud! (that will surely break the trance! Haha!) You deserve to love life, yourself and appreciate things just where you are, as they are. It’s up to each of us to create it… and truly, we can do that easier when we are thankful for the triggers that show up in our lives.

During this time of giving thanks, I offer a heartfelt thank you to you for being in my life and adding to the love, joy, beauty and ways you help me grow and appreciate our uniqueness as well as our marvelous, creative, adaptive, beautiful minds just by being you. Happy Holidays! Wishing you tons of More Beautiful!

With love and respect,


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