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Subconscious Mind Mastery Rewiring Sessions

Anger- we all experience it and most of us do not like it! So, what IS anger really and what’s a healthy way we can handle it?

You might be surprised to learn that anger is a reflection of our own inner emotional state and it originates from our own FEAR! When we get angry, that’s the way our subconscious mind gives us a way to deal with fear. A fear-based consciousness gets triggered, and the subconscious mind says, “the best thing to do to keep us safe is to get angry!”

Anger looks more powerful, it makes it look like we’re in charge and have control, even though that’s not really accurate, it doesn’t really do that stuff, but it does give that impression.

There are 3 General Aspects to Anger:

1. Thwarted intentions – we intended to do something/be something and we stopped ourselves. “I intended to be this loving, higher conscious self and I allowed fear to stop me and I’m po’d at myself about that for not being intentional & purposeful.”

2. Unfulfilled expectations – things or people should be a certain way or we can’t be happy. If “you” weren’t the way I needed you to be, I’ll get po’d again.” It’s really that we have an unfulfilled expectation of how we need to be – for not being who we really are: an aware, loving, accepting, allowing being.

3. Undelivered communications – If we believe we’re supposed to say or express something, we get really angry at ourselves. There’s something we want to express, need to express, should have said… and we don’t.” We withhold our truth.

To clear anger, what we really need to do is to look inside at why we’re really angry – what is it that’s showing up and being reflected to us? We’re really not angry what we think we’re angry about; we’re actually angrier at ourselves on some level because what’s being reflected to us is some part of ourselves that we’ve denied and suppressed. Then, if we act on our anger, it makes us get even angrier at ourselves.

Anger can be an amazing teacher to get back in touch with the truth of ourselves, to find those things we we’ve done or believed back there in our past, maybe a pain or loss we caused. We must acknowledge the anger, then look underneath the “anger rock” to see what it’s really about.

Suppressed anger will manifest in our lives in some form or fashion. It will show up as other emotions: sadness, depression, etc. when what we really are is angry and under that, fearful. We attract what we’re suppressing because the charge is so big (and getting bigger)… it becomes like a powerful magnet. Suppressed anger can eventually show up in the body as pain or illness, as well.

We’ll also keep attracting reasons to be angry or people who are angry with us. Eventually we’ll numb out and won’t feel the good emotions either- the joy, the love, the fun, the happiness. Also, the more we suppress anger, the more we get angry at ourselves. Then we become even more afraid to express it because it’s becoming like dynamite waiting to go off.

A few questions you can ask:

“What’s the reflection I don’t want to see about myself in this situation?”

“What is the fear the anger is covering up?”

“What am I really angry about at myself?”

“What is my earliest memory of feeling this way?”

Then clear what comes up by tapping. All the memories, people, voices, etc… as we do in sessions. Those core imprints, the subconscious references it holds, are what the subconscious mind uses as instructions for how to feel and be today. Going to the original records on which it bases its influence on our conscious behavior and choices is the only way to effectively and permanently solve an anger issue.

If you really want to get free from the anger, or any other uncomfortable areas in your life, I’m here to help you to find the roots and the core of what that anger or situation is really about. You can reach out to me and get free, once and for all. 😊 ❤️️I’m dedicated to helping you realize that true power, wisdom, healing and guidance lies within you! When we clear out our anger, we have more room for the love and connections- the truth of who we really are!

Much love, peace… and beauty,


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