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  • Lynn Schaeffer


Question: I’m trying to think positive, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Why not?

Answer: Our subconscious mind rules! Its main goal is to keep us safe & help us survive, and it uses what’s recorded from our past experiences- the memories, things we’ve witnessed, the beliefs and meanings we gave to things, our internal images, voices, etc… to decide what it means to keep us safe. (This is unique to each of us).

If we consciously try to think positive, have positive emotions or say positive affirmations but the records in our subconscious mind hold things that say it isn't true or possibly isn’t even safe to have positive emotions, it will do everything possible to keep us in alignment with what we hold within.

The subconscious is the computer (brain) programming. In order to achieve a different outcome, we have to upgrade the programs by addressing and changing those records. Different programs will give us different outputs. Currently, we are a complete success; our lives reflect and are matching what we hold within, our internal programming.

In addition, our body follows our thoughts! That's why they say, “Change your mind, change your life!” If our internal world holds sadness, anxiety, fear, etc... if we haven't already, we'll soon see it showing up in our bodies as disease, pains, even injuries.

We all have the capability to upgrade our minds - we can take the emotional charge off of “what ails us,” and then rewire to what is desired and more productive- most of us haven’t been taught how to do this. It truly puts happiness in your hands.

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