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The Beautiful Mind Coach
Brain Training & Subconscious Mind Educator

Why you're stuck...

The subconscious mind is responsible for up 95% of our brain function. So many of us try to willpower our way into change, but willpower is in the conscious (logical) mind.

The subconscious mind, on the other hand, is the part of our mind that acts based on what’s been recorded in it (everything that we’ve ever heard, seen, or experienced!) in an effort to help keep us safe & survive! It’s home to our habits, stressors, coping mechanisms, beliefs, insecurities, emotions, and 95% of our brain function. Until we've worked through our inner blocks, beliefs, proofs, hurts, and the subconscious mind is on board with the changes we want, we'll stay stuck in the same patterns over and over again – job, family, relationships, money, career, coping mechanisms (eating, drugs, alcohol, shopping, gambling, worry, etc)

In sessions, I help you find and upgrade those records... in an amazingly fast way! When we do this, your inner world becomes more beautiful- and you become UNSTUCK & FREE!

Learn how to harness the power of your own mind & clean up the things driving your present creations so you can feel more empowered, less stressed, and enjoy more of your life's journey

Hello my friend! I'm glad you're here... because YOU deserve a wonderful life - to feel inspired, to feel good, to feel worthy! 

Can you take a moment right now, to give yourself a gift of feeling better? Put your hands over your heart and take a deep breath in... & as you sigh it out, imagine taking a cool sip of water & feeling refreshed, then imagine getting a really big, warm hug and feeling really safe. If you want, repeat this with your eyes closed and make the feeling even bigger this time. Giving ourselves this little bit of self care can help us feel a little better right now. 

In sessions, you'll be taken through powerful practices to reprogram your subconscious to overcome blocks and limiting beliefs getting in your way, reduce stress, transform anxiety, and clear unwanted patterns, all while learning how to do this for yourself so you'll stop over-thinking, clear worry, create more self-worth & inner peace, and have healthier, happier relationships so you can feel confident pursuing your dreams.

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